A Tale Of 2 Clients

Sometimes it’s all about timing …sometimes it’s all about location … but it’s always all about PRICE.
Here’s a true account of 2 different families that called me the same day .. both

wanted to make the same change. Both had come to the Cobourg Port Hope Area at the same time and had purchased the same types of homes. Both had enjoyed their time in the homes.

But when it came time to sell – they took different paths. I helped one family understand the market and how they fit into it, and we positioned their home to use other higher priced but inferior homes make their look more appealing.

The other family felt the market information was wrong, and that they should expect more for their home. So they priced it higher.

The first family, after a reasonable time on the market received an offer that was better than we expected. The second family sat, and sat and have now reduced their price to where it maybe should have started .. but the market has slowed .. (that’s the timing part)

I’m here for you … or anyone who is important to you.

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