Don’t Get Lost In The Fog …

With the lives we live today it’s often easy to get distracted and forget where it is you want to go.  Do you ever feel like you’ve just wandered through your day without the focus you really needed …


Often, when people list their property for sale, they’ll think that the folks who come through the first week or so are in the market because their home is for sale.

The reality is that at any given time there a bunch of people in the market looking for homes – but for whatever reason have not have not found the one they want to buy yet.  These folks will (or should) have a relationship with a Realtor who will watch for new listings coming onto the system.  When a new property comes available – they’ll call the buyer and try to get them in right away.  Because of work and other schedules this viewing can take a week or two to get together.  My job during this period is to make sure the local Realtors understand the offering and the great features about your home.

So for the first 2 weeks it’s possible for there to be a lot of traffic – people who have already seen a number of homes and are aware of the local market. (this is a big reason to price your home well at the start) If after that period we didn’t receive an offer – THEN the progressive marketing campaign starts – THEN we start looking farther afield and to capture new buyers coming into the market.

That’s when the strength of the network I’ve created really comes to shine.

I can help you clear the air when it comes to selling your home.  It’s what I do.

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