How To Find The Right Condo

Over the years that I’ve been helping people buy and sell real estate I’ve been able to help a great number make the change to a condo in a new community. Cobourg, Port Hope or New Castle. And it’s a process…

For many, moving to a new community is the fulfilling of a dream. Many – many hours have been spent thinking about the change before the first step is taken. Maybe trips to home shows, reading magazines and visiting others in their condos all contribute to the vision a person develops about this next, exciting stage in their lives.

But too often, this vision focuses on the “WHAT” I want to live in ~ without considering the “HOW” I want to live. With the experience I’ve gained over 20 years in real estate and helping hundreds of people make exactly this change by bying a condo or small bungalow, I’ve come to realize the process is not just about the space.

A person needs to think about HOW they want to live, so their new home can make them happy. It’s not just a chuck of real estate we’re talking about, a house or condo with 4 walls, a kitchen and bedroom. No – we’re talking about a lifestyle. We’re taking about sun in the kitchen in the morning, or a place to garden, or being able to walk to the market on Saturday and carry back to bounty of the local farmers. We’re talking about hearing the church bells on a Sunday morning or getting an ice cream cone and walking along the water.

An experienced real estate broker (like Me !!!) will be able to help you really consider all your options while bring into your vision the “living” part of your move. This is a big change and you want to do it the right eway the first time.

Find a real estate expert with 1. local knowledge and 2. years of experience helping people ake similar decisions. …… it’ll make life easier.
If you’re coming to the lake shore area east of Toronto – that would be me.
If you’re looking elsewhere – contact me -I belong to several networks of agents who work the same way I do.

Call anytime …..  905-373-6282     or  1-800-267-1166

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