July 2011 Real Estate Market Report

Too often people make a major decision without the benefit of complete information. That’s an easy trap to fall in, especially when the first bit of news you get is what you want to hear. The real estate market we’re experiencing in Northuberland County is ripe for that kind of mistake .. take a look.

It’s so important in any market to postition yourself to be ahead of where it’s going. Following the market, especially in a downturn will only cost more money and take more time.

Fully understanding where things are and how you fit into them, then making the tough calls will help you move forward with the greatest profit possible.

I can help with that …..

Give me a call …  905-373-6282

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I appreciate your videos. Thanks Dave!

  2. Dave says:

    Jeremy – thanks for taking the time to watch and comment .. it means alot.


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