October Real Estate Report

The fall has been interesting – both the weather and the real estate market have been warmer than normal


For the first time in years we are seeing SALES in the real estate market hold steady and even increase at a time when we would normally see a falling off. And at the same time the INVENTORY is coming down as would be normal. The result of this situation is the a stronger real estate market than would be expected.

Often, this time of year property owners who may have tried to sell their homes unsuccessfully will withdraw from the real estate market to “Wait till things pick up in the spring”. This year that could be a tactical mistake. This year the demand for real estate seems to be holding it’s own while the supply is decreasing, this could create a more favourable opportunity for sellers than we’d normally see for this season.

Home owners who wish to sell may be able to take advantage of this more balanced market either by enjoying an increase in price or simply a quicker selling process.

Now too … buyers need to understand the cycle in order to be sure they are making the best decisions they can.

It’s times like this that having a relationship with a Real Estate agent who is keenly aware of the subtle market movements is really to your advantage.

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