Only An Hour From Toronto

I was in Toronto today.  So much of my real estate business is tied to exposing the Northumberland area to Toronto and GTA real estate agents.  In real estate terms “GTA” covers … the area stretching from Burlington through to Oshawa.  Reaching out to the real estate professionals who serve this area has been critical to my business.

As they go through their days in Scarborough or the beaches they will meet people who have reached the time in their lives when it’s time to move on.  Maybe the kids are done school or their work lives are coming to an end.  For many, there is no real reason to move other than “it’s time”….. and there’s no real destination in mind. 

THAT’s where I come in … by introducing Cobourg and Port Hope to the Realtors, they in turn have something to suggest to their clients.  You’d be shocked how often this method works at helping people who hadn’t been aware of how wonderful this area is really give it a chance.

So, after spending the sharing the lifestyle the people who live in Northumberland enjoy, then making the drive home, I went for a walk along the beach and was greeted by 3 beautiful swans.

What can I say ????

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