Real Estate & The Mobile Web

Today sellers can’t afford to ignore the mobile web as a very important part of their on line plan to expose their property to the greatest number of able buyers. As smart phones surpass regular featured phones for everyday use ……

Being on the Internet is not enough. With a traditional web site (one that people will view on their computer) it’s absolutely critical to be on a site that has been optimized – or can be found on the search engines. One that will show up on the first or second page of the results for the words a buyer would use when looking for a home (test it out). Otherwise, getting traffic to the site, and in turn eyeballs on your home listing will be the result of a strategy to “drive” people to the site by informing them of it using other types of marketing (newspaper ads, fliers etc).

Both are good ways to expose a home or real estate for sale on the traditional web.

But today – smart phones are becoming the means of choice for many to get instant information. The second the interest is recognized, people want to know !!! Today it’s critical to be available to people on the mobile web.

Having a presence on the mobile web creates a whole new set of opportunities for connecting with people. You can now reach out to them WHEN they are in front of the home. But also in other areas where they will be, have time and the ability to scan – all you have to do is provide the opportunity. That’s where QR codes, when properly deployed open such a tremendous door to exposure.

You now have the ability to showcase your home with pictures, video and sound to people who will watch on their phones. ON THEIR PHONES !!!!! They can call – text – eail – save – share ….. it’s unlimited.

Lets talk.

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