Keeping The Good Stuff

When people make a lifestyle choice to move it’s normally so they can enjoy all the wonderful things their new community has to offer. Social, family, travel, security or so many other considerations come into play. Becoming a part of the new community is critical to making the move successful. Joining the church, or the theater group may be a big step. Seeking out and joining the clubs you’re interested in so you start to feel like this is you home will be a big part of your daily life.

BUT – there may be things you love about your old home that you don’t want to leave behind. Maybe a golf membership, or taking in a regular event, maybe sports, maybe cultural.

Moving to Cobourg (.COM) will allow you to keep the best of both worlds. They train stops by, the 401, thee GO in Oshawa all make being in Toronto so much easier than most people ever imagine

Leave the traffic behind, leave the congestion behind —— but get back easily for the orchestra.

Call me and I” help you make this a dream come true.

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