Who Do Real Estate Experts Call ?

Within the real estate industry there is a complete other industry behind the scenes helping real estate agents improve their service. Coaches, programs, newsletter publishers all vie for the attention and dollars of Realtors looking to better position themselves in a changing market.

¬†These experts travel all over North America, both Canada and the U.S. talking to real estate people. The upside is that they get to see what the trends are, what works most consistently. ¬†They can see what buyers and sellers find valuable. They have their fingers on the pulse of what makes sales work and what doesn’t.
That’s why I make it a point to be in places where I can talk to these people. It gives me (and that means you too) an advantage. Helps me stay ahead of the curve.

Michael Krisa is such an expert. From Ontario, but most recognized south of the boarder, Michael has created a business that puts him in demand in every major real estate market. When he rolls into a town, the top agents in the market are asking for some of his time. He has interviewed, catalogued and analyzed some of the most successful agents in North America.

I thought, with his exposure and insight it would be interesting to see what he would look for in a real estate agent. The type of skills he’d put the greatest value on if he was looking to sell his house.

It was very kind of him to give me some of his time.

Please feel comfortable sharing this with any family or friends that you think would be interested.

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Dave Chomitz CRS, e-PRO, broker

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